The Deadline!

Tomorrow is the deadline for this project. After three months of research, interviews, writing and editing I can finally introduce the finished piece. I also want to thank everyone that’s been involved and supported me throughout the process. So here it is…

Redefining Homelessness.


To read the full length feature and see the finished layout and design click here

To watch the story of a poet who survived homelessness and addiction click here

To listen to the experts discuss the cause of homelessness and the solution click here

To learn about the current facts and statistics surrounding homelessness click here


Writing my Justification

To finish my project I needed to write a 1000-word outline and justification explaining why I did certain things. After finding it extremely difficult to get everything in, I’ve just about finished and am ready to submit everything.

Here’s an outline of things I needed to consider…

  • The journey: Re-visit the pitch materials and the feedback you received from the pitch. Consider how the final project conforms to the original ideas in this presentation and how you have responded to feedback and how your own thoughts have developed through the experiences of making the project. This should be evaluative, rather than descriptive.
  • The audience/market: How have you made this something that they want to read/watch/listen to? How do you hook them in and how easily can they navigate their way around? Consider the chosen angles on the story and how you have ‘unpacked’ the original idea to produce material for all the different platforms. Show that you listened to/read/watched the target publication/programme and that you engaged with the website that you are pitching your own project at.
  • The cast list and research process: Why did you interview the people that you did and how did you find them?
  • Editorial issues: e.g. did you interview children? Consider impartiality remit of BBC, editorial guidelines, taste and decency, etc   Refer briefly to these if relevant to your project, to show that you have considered your responsibilities to the story, the interviewees and the audience.
  • Creative/production issues; how did you make this a creative piece of work and how and where is it original?
  • Looking to the future: How have you improved upon the existing publication/website/programme? How might you develop a mobile format for this work e.g. an app?
  • And finally: How does the whole piece hang together? How is your voice heard? What style and tone do you bring to the project as a journalist?