Uploading Everything to BUZZ

BUzz is our university website dedicated to the multi-media journalism students. It’s to this website that I have to upload everything.

Within the website I need to have a clear navigation system for my project with relevant links (i.e. read, watch, listen and learn) to direct viewers to the different parts.

I also need to make sure that I have lots of SEO links and all the links to other sections run seamlessly.

This has taken me hours and hours of work…

But it’s finally finished! – well roughly anyway.

You can check it out here: http://buzz.bournemouth.ac.uk/2016/12/redefining-homelessness/




Read: Jeremy Corbyn highlights the ‘shocking rise’ of homelessness

A good read…

Jeremy Corbyn highlights the ‘shocking rise’ of homelessness in official Christmas message

The Labour leader said: ‘The fact is, in the sixth richest country in the world, no-one should be on the streets in the first place’

Find it here: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/jeremy-corbyn-highlights-the-shocking-rise-of-homelessness-in-official-christmas-message-a7493841.html


The First Drafts

So I’ve finished all my first drafts now – of the video, audio and feature itself.

To give you a taste of what the feature will be like here’s a couple of the opening sentence, see what you think…

Cascading down from the ceiling is an ornate gold sculpture. Delicate leaves swirl around the middle, with soft lighting illuminating them from behind. If you look very closely you can see small engravings on the leaves – words like ‘inspire’ and ‘thrive’.

We’re allowed to show our supervisor just one draft of everything so it was imperative that I completed as much as possible in order to get as much feedback as possible.

The feedback I got for my video and audio was relatively simple – which was great as it made my life a lot easier. 

My supervisor’s main points were that:

  • I needed to lower the audio levels of the background music in both pieces.
  • I needed to take out a few words in the audio piece.
  • And finally, add in a line describing why the chapel (the place I interviewed John for the video) was relevant.

For the feature it was a little more complicated but easily doable…

  • I needed to restructure it the article, my supervisor thought the interview with Gerard Lemos (who I included at the end) was more important as it gave vital contextual info, so I should move it up.
  • I initially decided not to include quotes I got from other charities on the House of St Barnabas scheme as they were all very positive, and I wary of the article turning into a PR piece for the House. However my supervisor made me realise I needed these quotes (regardless of whether they were positive or negative) to show I had asked external factors what they think of the scheme, and not just taken what I had been told by the House at face value. So I simply needed to add in a couple of lines with a few quotes in.
  • In addition to this I needed to make several grammatical changes – easily done.

Overall I was very happy with the feedback. The positive points my supervisor made were very reassuring that I was on the right track, and the constructive feedback was stuff that was relatively easy to change.


Down to the Edit 

And so the long process of editing begins…

I’ve got to edit together both a two minute video and a two minute audio piece using the interviews I have.

First I’m going to start with the audio – this will be a fast paced sequence getting expert views on homelessness and what should be done to tackle the issue.

I’ll use the interviews with the CEO’s of two different homelessness charities, Thames Reach and the Cardinal Hume Centre.

Then I need to edit my video which will focus on John Smallshaw as a case study.

Being such a perfectionist this will take me a long time so I’ll see you in a while…

Interview Number 8

Almost at the finish line! Well for interviews that is…

Today was my last interview for my project – and perhaps the most important. 

It was with Sandra Schembri, the CEO of The House of St Barnabas.

After receiving feedback from my supervisors I was told I had to question Sandra thoroughly on the way the House of St Barnabas was run, the transition of it from a hostel into a members club, and it’s finances.

Luckily for me Sandra was very open and transparent. It took me a good half an hour to get through all my questions but after it had finished I felt much more informed and prepared to convey some very necessary points to readers.

Here’s some of my favourite quotes to intrigue you:

  1. “The grade one listed building is a gift as well as a challenge, it’s a jewel in our crown, it’s a jewel in Soho, when you come in you feel the building, it has a warmth to it which is just magical”
  2. “I think there are already some amazing schemes and we are part of that landscape, but if more people could integrate a scheme like this to their corporate business, wouldn’t that be amazing?”
  3. “From a legal point of view the charity cannot be paying for the social business, that’s enshrined in law”
  4. We have a business plan where the social business will eventually pay for the basics of the academy… that will be year five or six. Prior to that the social business pays for itself. So what the charity does is fundraises”
  5. “Our achievement is proving that something like this can exist, and we hope that others copy”

The frustrating thing about journalism is that from each interviewee you’re only going to use about four quotes or so in your article from them. Above I’ve just listed five I liked from my chat with Sandra, and that was taken from a document I created with the top thirty I picked out from the interview itself.

So it can be really difficult cutting it down. You have to be very selective and only choose the best and most relevant ones…

Planning my Feature

So this is one of the most important parts. The feature is worth 35% of my project so I’ve got to get it right…

Now I have all my interviews I’ve done a rough outline of the structure I think it should have:

Feature Plan:

Jump to graduation 

Talk about Denise’s future (job in the air) 

Explain importance of funding

Introduce Mark

Talk about Denise’s passions

Discuss Employment academy

Introduce Sarah 

Talk about Denise’s job in the kitchen

Talk about the business and charity joining

Talk about the transition

Context and history

Introduce Sandra

Explain House of St Barnabas scheme

Linking sentence

Background of her alcoholism

Introduce Denise

Descriptive opening

Follow up interview with Denise (secured job)

Introduce Gerard

Discuss wider issues of homelessness